You Could Win a Downtown Dinner at Grantham House

By visiting the website, those who enjoy Mrs Palmore’s products will be pleased to learn that they now have an opportunity to experience the dining experience of a lifetime at renowned Grantham House. However, this downtown-themed dinner is only the beginning.

Enter Now at

First, one will have to purchase a pack of Aunt Bessie’s famous Yorkshire pudding. A promotional code found on the back of the package can then be entered online at Other details such as one’s name, address and email are required; essential for the participants to be contacted if necessary.

Twelve separate dinners are being given away, so there are even more chances of becoming a winner. The dinner itself will take place on Thursday, 14 January 2016. An immaculate three-course meal within the stunning ambiance of Grantham House will then be enjoyed by the lucky contestants.

The Entire Dining Experience and More

It should be mentioned that this contest offers much more than an unforgettable dining experience alone. Guests will also be provided with a personalised tour of Grantham House; ideal for anyone who appreciates traditional English luxury. In-house entertainment will likewise be offered during dinner. In terms of convenience, winners will enjoy an absolutely free night at a nearby hotel and perhaps even more importantly, no less than £300 pounds is awarded which can be allocated towards travel expenses. Aunt Bessie’s and Mrs Palmore’s has left nothing to chance in providing their customers with what can only be called a culinary experience that will last a lifetime. Thanks to the power of the Internet, registering and entering the confirmation code found on the back of selected Aunt Bessies products now takes only seconds.

Fans of quality food and classic London dining should not pass up a chance to participate in these sweepstakes. Still, remember that this is a limited time offer and places will fill up quickly. Pick up your pack of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding and enter your code today!

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