Winning At Sweepstakes? It’s All About Numbers

When it comes to winning sweepstakes surely every competitor has the same chance, right? Not necessarily. With careful research there are a number of strategies you can apply to increase your chances of winning every time. Taking on board this simple advice can keep the odds on your side every time you play.

Three is the Magic Number

Numbers add up to success when you take into account three crucial factors:

The number of entries you make
The number of competitors against you
The number of prizes available.

The Number of Entries You Make

It stands to reason that the more times you enter the higher your chances of winning become. Of course, if everyone adopted that maxim then entries would increase and might just even out that advantage. This is where you need a clever strategy: devising your own sweepstakes strategy can keep you ahead of the rest. Why not use a strategy to fashion a super-quick way of entering, increasing both your entries and your chances of success?

Some competitions are restricted to one entry per person or address. However, even these might offer extra chances to win if you read the small print carefully. Some offer an extra entry if you share the contest on social media or join their newsletter email group. Fewer competitors will take this extra step which might swing the balance firmly in your favour.

The Number of Competitors Against You

Whether you know them or not, the other entrants in your chosen competition are now your rivals. Let battle commence! By seeking out competitions that attract fewer entrants you eliminate some contenders even before starting. Look out for competitions only running in small areas or restricted by certain criteria such as age. Sometimes competitions requiring more effort such as creative contests or those with unusual entry methods are far less popular. Similarly, look for sweepstakes with very short deadlines or even those with less attractive rewards. Low value prizes or rewards that appeal to a smaller target audience also see a reduction in entrants. Finally, you can win big by seeking out contests that are hard to find. Look out for those that require a specific mode of entry not accessible to everyone.

The Number of Prizes Available

Just as increasing the entries you make improves your chances, the more times you can win the better the odds. By targeting your entries at multi-prize sweepstakes you can be a winner more often than not.

Try It Now

Are you sick of wasting your hours entering competition after competition? Wondering if anyone actually wins anything anyway? Perhaps it’s time to really improve your chance of winning by considering these three essential points. Have a go today!


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