Captain Birds Eye Soft Toy Promotion – Anyone living in the UK and Republic of Ireland who is 18 or over can enter this Captain Birds Eye Promotion. Furthermore, it runs from 4th September to 26th November and you could win a super plush toy!

About the promoter

The promoter is Nomad Foods Europe and they’re a market-leading frozen food producer with a long history. The company produces iconic foods, including the brand at the centre of this promotion. Furthermore, Nomad Foods is headquartered in the UK. However, in Europe, the company employs 3800 people in 9 different factories and in 17 different countries.

How to enter at

To enter, buy a promotional product of Birds Eye Fish Fingers or coated fish. Look for the bar code then go online to the promotion’s website to enter the 10-minute draw. Most noteworthy is that in Northern Ireland, you can enter without a purchase. Simply write to the sponsor using the address in the official rules. Maybe you’ll be interested to know that the promoter is conducting a draw every 10 minutes between 8.00am and 8.00pm? Also, if you don’t win a prize in the main draw, your entry will go forward to the late entry draw on 4th February 2018. The promoter is also running a promotion on Facebook and all you have to do is visit the brand’s Facebook page and leave a comment on a promotional post.

The prizes

The sponsor is giving away 6048 Captain Birds Eye Soft Toys. These lovely cuddly toys are ideal for children but aren’t suitable for those under 3 years of age. Most noteworthy is that the prizes for the late entry draw are the same as for the main draw.

Where can you find the code?

You’ll find the code on the side of the promotional pack.

Finally, enjoy the tasty products at the centre of this promotion or enter via Facebook. With lots of plush toys to win every 10 minutes, your name could be on one of them. In conclusion, the promotion’s website is

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