Wilkinson Sword Nails Inc Promotion

www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk/winnailsinc – If you live in the UK, you could win a some very lovely Nails Inc varnish with Wilkinsons. To enter, you must be aged 16 or over and the promotion ends on 30th June 2017.

Who is the sponsor of wilkinsonsword.co.uk/winnailsinc?

Wilkinson Sword UK is sponsoring this promotion. Amazingly, this company opened in London in 1772. Originally, they made swords and guns but also diversified into making, motorbikes, typewriters, shears and scissors. The company started making stainless steel razor blades in 1962 and these soon became very popular because a blade could last for a whole week! At the turn of the century, the company moved its manufacturing base to Germany.

What prizes can you win?

Especially noteworthy is that you could win 1 of 100,000 prizes. The promoter will allocate these on a random basis during the promotion. So, everyone who enters has an equal chance of winning. If you ‘re a winner, you’ll see an on-screen message notifying you of this. Consequently, your prize will arrive in the post within 30 days. Each prize is a bottle of Nails inc Gel Effect 8ml nail polish. Moreover, you can pick from the following: Uptown and St James, Mercer Street and High Street Kensington. The sponsor is allowing one nail polish per person.

How can you enter?

First of all, to enter you need to buy a promotional product. Next, look for the PIN code. Then, go to the promotion’s website and enter your name, address and contact information. Finally, when you’ve done this, you’ll find out if you’re a winner. Also, make sure you retain your original till receipt and PIN code as the promoter may wish to check these.

Where can you find the PIN code?

PIN codes appear on promotional products, including Hydro Silk, Hydro Silk Blossom and Hydro Silk Bikini. Maybe you’ll purchase Quattro for Women, Quattro for Women Bikini, Intuition Ultra Moisture or Intuition Sensitive Care? These products also have PINs. Keep your eyes peeled for the PIN code, which should be easy to spot on the promotional product.

Summarising this promotion, it’s is a great opportunity to win products for anyone who loves to do their nails. What’s more, it’s very easy to enter and with so many prizes on offer, your name could be on one! Finally, the promotional website is http://www.wilkinsonsword.co.uk/winnailsinc.

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