Walkers Win a Pay Packet or a Free 6 Pack Promotion

www.walkers.co.uk/paypacket – Everybody loves crisps so why not get on board with this Pay Packet Promotion? It’s open to UK residents who are 18 years or over. Furthermore, you need to submit your claim by 31st December 2017.

The sponsor at Walkers.co.uk/paypacket

Walkers is the sponsor and they’re a British snack producer who started life in 1948. PepsiCo now owns the company, which has 56% share of the UK crisp market. The Leicester production plant is one of the world’s largest, making millions of bags of snacks every day!

Buy a promotional pack to enter

First of all, buy a participating promotional pack of Walkers Crisps. You can find a full list of products in the official rules. Hurry to open your pack and find out if you’ve won a sachet with a £5 note or a cash voucher! Especially relevant is that these will be inside a sachet. Therefore, if you don’t find a sachet, you haven’t won a prize on that occasion. Also, you can buy a 6-pack multipack and look for a golden inner pack. If you find one, it will contain a £5 note or a voucher for cash. To claim your voucher, follow the instructions printed on it.

For those in Northern Ireland, you can enter by writing to the promoter at the address in the official rules. Send your full name, email and postal address and the promoter will send you an email with details on how to claim your prize.

Some really valuable prizes

The sponsor has really pushed the boat out with the cash and voucher prizes. The super cash voucher prizes include 17 vouchers for £28,200, 84 for £2,200, and 168 for £540. Furthermore, there are 250,000 lots of £5 in cash.

Is there a code you need to enter?

There’s no code but if you find a cash voucher inside your packet of crisps, you’ll see instructions on how to claim.

Finally, your could claim your pay packet by buying from the sponsor’s tasty range of crisps. Entering this promotion couldn’t be easier at http://www.walkers.co.uk/paypacket.

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