Velvet Comfort Tesco Promotion – Win Your Weekly Shop! – UK residents can enter this Velvet promotion between now and 1st March 2017. Tesco is running this contest and the prizes are great Tesco gift cards. Furthermore, it’s very easy to enter although you do have to make a purchase. However, this is not the case for NI residents.

The promoter is SCA Hygiene Products

The promoter is a consumer goods company and has around 44,000 employees worldwide. Their annual international revenue is around 104 billion and major sale times include personal care products, tissues, including toilet tissue, and paper products. The company’s biggest markets are include the UK, the USA and much of Europe. SCA is the biggest private owner of areas of forestry in Europe and has an estimated 2.6 million hectares!

Valuable gift cards as prizes

Most of all, the generous prizes in this contest amount to 500 and each is a £100 Tesco gift card. Noteworthy information is that these are valid for 5 years from the last time you use them. If you’re a lucky winner, you’ll receive your gift card as an email pdf attachment. Also, you can use your gift card to buy any products from UK Tesco stores as well as online at Most relevant is that there’s only one prize per household and the prize draw will take place on 2nd March 2017. The administrator will notify winners by email within 7 days of the draw.

Make a purchase to enter unless you’re in NI

To enter, you need to buy a Velvet Comfort 12 roll special promotional pack. Therefore, you can buy these at a selection of Tesco stores or online. Then, visit the promotion’s website and enter the promotional pack code. Finally, keep your original receipt safely as you may need this to verify your prize claim. Once you’ve submitted your entry, you’ll see an on-screen confirmation. Northern Ireland entrants can enter by writing to the address in the official rules for the contest.

Where can you find the pack code to enter at

Your unique code will be inside the promotional pack, so look for the set of numbers to enter online.

In conclusion, this promotion could see you winning a gift card to do lots of handy shopping at Tesco! Toilet rolls are one of those everyday essentials for your weekly shop. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the sponsor’s brand and enter this contest at

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