£1 Million Worth of TENA Treats To Be Won

www.tenatreats.co.uk – Tena has 2,000 prizes and 833,334 winning treats for customers who enter their promotion between 05.06.2017 and 31.10.2017. Most noteworthy is that you must be a UK resident to enter and aged 18 or over.

About the sponsor at www.tenatreats.co.uk

SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd is the sponsor and originates in Sweden. Their parent company, Essity, is on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange. Starting in 1929, the company has 2.6 million hectares of forest in Northern Sweden and produces wood products as well as pulp and paper products. Maybe you’ll be interested to know they plant and grow trees that live for 100 years before using them to make products?

How can you enter this 1 million pound contest?

To enter you need to buy a promotional pack of Tena Lady, for example, Lady Maxi or Lady Extra. If you’re in Northern Ireland, you don’t have to make a purchase to enter. Therefore, just write to the sponsor’s Freepost address with your full details. Furthermore, you need to find the code on your product. Then, go online and register, entering your code by following the onscreen prompts. If you see a winning message, you’ve won!

Where’s the product code?

When you’ve got your promotional product, peel back the promotional stopper and you’ll see your unique PIN.

Winning treats and super prizes

The sponsor is giving away 831,334 Money Off Next Purchase coupons. Consequently, you could save on your next purchase and 1 in 3 packs win! The main prizes include 100 x European City Breaks, 200 iPads, 300 Fitbits and 400 Shopping Sprees worth £250. Maybe you’ll win one of the 500 Learn a New Skill Experience Vouchers or one of the 500 £20 Nail Varnish Vouchers? With so many amazing prizes and a good chance of winning something, it’s a great idea to enter! Finally, the total prize pot is 1 million pounds!

In conclusion, enter this promotion for fabulous and exciting prizes! The sponsor is an extremely ecologically-sound company so it’s all for a good cause when you enter at https://www.tenatreats.co.uk.

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