Sweet Sundays Free Cinema Tickets Promotion

www.sweetsundays.co.uk – Anyone living in the UK and Channel Island who is 16 or over can enjoy a Sweet Sundays free cinema ticket! From now until 13th October, enter this promotion for your chance to enjoy the latest films at a cinema near you.

Who’s the sponsor?

Mars is the sponsor and this global company is a family-run business directed by the Mars family. Well-known for the secrecy behind their product branding and recipes, Mars is enormously successful and popular. Finally, the company’s UK headquarters are in Slough.

How to enter at Sweetsundays.co.uk

First of all, visit a shop that sells Mars confectionery and buy one or more promotional packs of your favourite Mars chocolate. Furthermore, you can find details of these products in the official rules. Some examples include Maltesers, Galaxy Minstrels and M&M’S in standard and large pouches. Most noteworthy is that when you buy these products, you’ll find codes inside the packaging and these give you a number of points. Therefore, collect 6 points for your free ticket then go to the promotion’s website and create an account. Finally, enter your codes to accumulate your points and, when you’ve got 6 points, you can claim your ticket!

How can you get a code?

To get your PIN, buy a participating product and you’ll find your PIN inside the packaging. Especially relevant is that PINs from large pouches are worth two points and standard pouch PINs are one point. Collect the right number of points (6) to claim your prize.

Claim your prize!

Claim you complimentary cinema ticket voucher to see a standard 2D film at participating cinemas on Sundays. Furthermore, participating cinemas include Cineworld, Showcase or Empire cinemas. Therefore, simply choose your cinema and send off your claim using the website before the closing date (13th October 2017). The sponsor will email or post your ticket vouchers to you.

In conclusion, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy a film of your choice with this excellent promotion? You can chomp away on your favourite sweets and watch movies when you take part at https://sweetsundays.co.uk.

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