Sweet Nights In promotional packs

At www.sweetnightsin.co.uk, there’s a Sweet Nights In promotion, where you can bag some great Google Play deals! It’s open to UK residents who are at least 13. However, if you’re under 17, you must get parental consent. Finally, enter between 27/03/2017 and 13/08/2017 to reap the great rewards.

About the promoter, Mars Chocolate UK Limited

Mars is a global confectionery maker and the UK wing is running this particular promotion. It’s one of the largest private companies in the world and is headquartered in the US. Most of all, the Mars family run this company, which has 6 business segments, one of which is for chocolate.

It’s easy to enter

First of all, you need to obtain a code by buying Sweet Nights In promotional packs. Maybe you’ll buy a Mars 4 Pack, a Snickers 4 Pack, or a Twix snack size product? Alternatively, buy a pouch such as Peanut, Chocolate, or crispy M&M’s, Galaxy Minstrels, or Milky Way Magic Stars. There’s a big choice, so take a look at the official rules to see what your options are. Next, you need to register 3 promotional pack PINs online during the promotion. Therefore, the sponsor will send you a Google Play promotional code to redeem at Google Play. You can get all kinds of interesting entertainment, so don’t miss this opportunity!

The Google Play rewards

The rewards are a £3.00 Google Play credit for your Google Payments account. Also, you’ll receive 50% off renting a Google Play Movie, so you can chill out and watch a film of your choice. Most noteworthy is that this offer is for selected movies. Furthermore, redeem your promotional PIN by 13/08/2017.

Where’s the PIN to enter at sweetnightsin.co.uk?

Your PIN will be on the promotional pack. Furthermore, there’s also a Google Play promotional code, which the sponsor will send you to claim your reward.

In conclusion, munch on tasty chocolate to enter this promotion! You’ll benefit from access to thrilling Google Play movies and more. So, enter now at https://www.sweetnightsin.co.uk.

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