Win a Joynormous Surprise Made Just For You

You don’t have to be called Charlie to win Cadbury’s joynormous surprise! When imagining Cadbury’s joynormous surprise, we can’t help but remember the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that recreates the excitement of buying a bar of chocolate and winning a personalised prize. Well, this idea has been brought to life again, with a promotion starting in September 2015, where you can win exciting, personalised prizes.

Qualifying Products And Prizes of The Joynormous Surprise

The incentive works when you shop for your favourite chocolate bar, such as Twirl, Wispa, Wispa Gold, Starbar, Double Decker and Dairy Milk. Unlike Willy Wonker’s promotion, where only a few bars contained the surprise golden ticket, each bar in the qualifying range has a code on the wrapper. Here we have a great promotion that’s getting us to go online to with our wrapper code, to receive an online scratch card. If you scratch and win, all you then need to do is complete a brief questionnaire to get your personalised prize. The total number of winning scratch cards is believed to be in the region of 20,000, which means a lot of chocolate bars that will be sold, in the quest for a winner!

A cleverly planned promotional campaign

Although the concepts used in this campaign aren’t completely unique, there are still some elements that have been designed to catch our attention and make this initiative stand out above all others. Firstly, there’s the invention of the word ‘joynormous’. It does’t take too much to work out this is a combination of ‘ginormous’ and ‘joy’. Joy refers to the emotions you’ll experience when eating the chocolate bar, as well as taking part in the online competition. Joy will also come, if you win an individual prize through your online scratch card. Ginormous is a word that could be used to describe the size of the total prize pot, which is estimated to be around several million pounds. So, you’ll be in for a joynormous surprise hopefully!

It’s no wonder, therefore, that Cadbury are incentivising us to keep our chocolate bar wrappers from the qualifying products. With the prospect of an exciting personalised prize, it’ll be well worth it and with any luck, your joynormous efforts will be rewarded with a unique gift.

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