Walkers go Barmy for Sarnies with new limited-edition flavours

Walkers is celebrating the sarnie with a range of new limited edition flavours on the theme of our favourite fillings. And there’s a chance to win a crisp £10,000 every week into the bargain. But these special varieties won’t be around forever so get them while you can.

£10,000 prize every week

Walkers are giving away £10,000 every week until the end of October. Each participating promotional pack has a code on the back, so make sure that you check yours. Enter it online at www.walkers.co.uk/sarnie to see if you’ve won. And there are other prizes too. Your code could win you a sandwich cutter, a sandwich indentor, a sandwich bag or one of a million packets of crisps.

Six limited edition flavours

Apart from the chance of winning a prize, the new range is well worth a go anyway. I reckon it ticks pretty much all of the boxes. You can see the full list at Walkers.co.uk/sarnie but I’ll give a brief rundown here. First of all, you’ve got Bacon and Ketchup or Sausage and Brown Sauce for that breakfast butty taste. For a more afternoon tea kind of a vibe, there’s Cheese, Cucumber and Salad Cream. Or maybe you’d rather go for something that packs a bit of a punch with the Cheese Toastie and Worcester sauce variety. Ham and Mustard rounds things off along with Chicken and Mayonaisse, two classic complements.

So with some cracking flavour combos plus the chance of a prize I’d say in conclusion that the new Barmy for Sarnies limited editions are well worth checking out. I therefore recommend that you grab yourself a promotional bag and get along to https://www.walkers.co.uk/sarnie to see if you’ve won. But these special varieties are only around for a few months, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

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