Müller Rice: Mini Basketball Hoop & Ball Promotion

www.mullerrice.com – There’s a Muller promotion open to UK residents (in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Also, if you’re in the Republic of Ireland you can enter. You must be 18 or over and the promotion runs from 03.10.16 to 24.02.17.

Who is promoting this offer at mullerrice.com

The Promoter is Muller UK & Ireland Group, based in Shropshire. The company originally started in 1896 in Germany. Today, it has 27,000 employees and a £6.5 billion turnover.

What prizes can you win?

Once the promoter has validated your prize claim, you’ll see an on-screen message to say that you’ve won a free mini basketball hoop and ball. Probably, your mini basketball hoop and ball will look like the image shown on the promotional pack although they can vary slightly. Roughly, the measurements of your free mini basketball hoop & ball is 230mm x 180mm. Your prize will arrive by 2nd class post to the address you registered when you entered the promotion. Normally, this will be within 28 days of making your claim.

How can you enter this promotion?

To make a claim, you need to collect 12 points by the closing date. To do this, buy promotional 4 and 6 packs of Muller Rice. Moreover, each of these has a promotional code worth a certain number of points. The code on a 4 pack is worth 2 points and the code on a 6 pack gives you 3 points. All in all, you need to earn 12 points. Next, go to the promotional website and enter your pack codes. You’ll need to register and set up a user account first. Then, follow the instructions to submit your entry.

Where can you find the PIN code?

The pack PIN codes are 8 digit unique codes. These will be printed on the inside of the promotional pack wrapper. Furthermore, you can find full details of what counts as a promotional pack in the terms and conditions.

Finally, winning a free prize of this kind is great with Christmas coming up. A basketball hoop & ball prize is a healthy way to start the new year! In conclusion, go to http://www.mullerrice.com to make your claim!

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