Mentos Me & You Promotion – How To Get Your Offer – At the moment, there’s a Mentos Me and You promotion for UK residents who are 16 or over. Furthermore, it’s an interesting promotion will all kinds of exciting offers!

About the sponsor at

Perfetti Van Melle is running this promotion and they’re a Dutch-Italian global confectionary manufacturer. The company began in 2001 when the Dutch company Van Melle merged with the Italian Perfetti group. Maybe you’ll be interested to hear that their head office is in Schiphol, Netherlands? Also, Perfetti Van Melle is the world’s third largest manufacturer of confectionary and they have 17,000 employees. Finally, they sell their products in more than 159 countries!

What are the offers for this contest?

There are many great offers in this promotion, which include ‘buy one get one free’ offers, free gifts and discount offers. Furthermore, these can include items like tickets to gigs or events, gifts as well as food and drink. So, the rewards really are an eclectic mix and there’s bound to be something for everyone.

How to enter the promotion

First of all, to enter you need to make a qualifying purchase of one of the sponsor’s products. Then, visit the promotion online and register using a form. Next, enter your unique code to receive an email with instructions to redeem your offer. That’s all you need to do! Most noteworthy is that that you must make a purchase to enter this promotion.

Where can you find the code to enter this promotion?

Your unique set of numbers will be on the side of your qualifying sponsored pack. You can find details of the qualifying products in the promotion’s official terms and conditions. Make sure you keep your packaging with your special number combination as you may need this a proof of purchase.

Finally, this Mentos Me and You promotion includes some great, mysterious prizes. You’re bound to be in for a real treat, so enter now by going to

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