How to Increase your Chances of Winning a Prize in a Competition

The internet has made it very easy to enter competitions and every day there are thousands of prizes on offer. These range from small items like DVDs or books to hugely valuable holidays, cars and even houses. Some competitions can be entered with just a simple click or like. Some ask for lots of personal information and some require a lot of skill and effort. It’s impossible enter every one, so how can you choose which ones are likely to make you a winner? Here are a few strategies that will put your entries ahead of the rest.

Enter competitions with lots of prizes

It’s often tempting to enter a competition with one big prize. Who wouldn’t love a brand new car or a luxury ocean cruise? Trouble is, if that is the only prize on offer, your odds of winning are very small. Look for competitions that have hundreds, or even thousands, of prizes. This gives you the best chance of striking it lucky.

Make the maximum amount of entries

Here’s where one of the most important rules of entering competitions comes in. Always read the rules. Make one single entry when the rules say you can enter every day and it’s much less likely you will win. Sometimes the rules say ‘one entry per household,’ but often they say ‘one entry per person.’ If you want your husband or wife to go on that luxury prize holiday with you, it’s best to put an entry in their name, too. Different social media channels can earn you extra entries. Sharing on Facebook, Tweeting or uploading a photo increases your chances to win.

Think before you enter if you really want to win

This sounds pretty obvious but you’d be amazed at the number of people who waste time trying to win things they don’t really want. For example, they see the words ‘luxury holiday’ and enter to win, without reading the terms and conditions. These say that the prize is for a family with children under 12. They are expected to take part in organised kid’s activities. Win this prize as a single guy and prepare to feel very out of place. Or maybe you’ll find that the huge range cooker on offer won’t fit into your kitchen. Or that the expensive designer dress in the magazine draw only fits a size zero. The best prizes add real value to your life or will make a great gift for someone you know.

Think local instead of national

Anything that cuts down the number of entries gives you the best chance to win. A prize of a meal in a local restaurant is going to have far less entries than a voucher for a meal in a national chain. Scour the local newspapers, listen to your local radio station, look for entry forms in your local shops.

Avoid long entry periods

Some competitions last for many months, with closing dates that can be over a year away. Think of all the people that are going to enter in that time. The best competitions have a very short entry period. Less people will find them in time to enter, meaning your odds of winning are much higher. Seasonal competitions, like ones to win Valentine’s meals or Christmas trees, often run for a week or less. Make sure to look out for those.

The easier to enter, the harder to win

If a competition asks for a simple like or click, lots of people are going to enter. If you need to make a video and upload it, answer a long questionnaire or think up a recipe, lots of people will simply not bother. The more time and effort it takes to enter a competition, the more chance you have of winning if you do make the effort.

If you spend hours entering competitions without any results, maybe it’s time to change your approach. Stop firing off entries randomly. Instead, really think about which competitions have better odds of winning. Chances are, your luck will change and the prizes will start rolling in.


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