Love Frijj milkshakes and get the chance to win £1,000 – A great Müller promotion is currently running for British residents (not including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man unfortunately). You need to be 18 or over. The promotion runs from now until 30.11.16. This gives you plenty of time to take part and put yourself in the frame to win an amazing prize. Read on to find out more…!

Entering the promotion

To enter, first of all you need to buy a promotional 471ml bottle of FRijj milkshake during the promotional period. You can find details of the various flavours available in the promotion’s terms and conditions. These contain lots of useful information, therefore, be sure to take the time to read them. In any case, all promotional products will bear the writing ‘Win £1,000’ so you can easily spot them on the shelves.

Then, after your purchase, look for the unique promotional code on the product. Once you’ve spotted this, make a note of the 8 digits and go to to enter them into the online form. You also need to include your full name, address, email address and contact phone number. If you’re one of the winners, the sponsor will need to know how to get in touch with you. Bear in mind that there’s a limit of 2 prizes for each entrant. On the other hand, you’d be rather lucky to win twice but you never know your luck! Remember that each entry you submit must have its own promotional code.

Cash prizes

All prizes are chosen by a random computer-generated process. If you’ve won, you’ll find out straight away via an on-screen message. You’ll also receive a confirmation email. In total, 10 prizes will be awarded during the entire promotion. The exciting news is that each prize is a whopping £1,000! Imagine what you could do with this! The lump sum will be awarded as a cheque and posted by recorded delivery to the winner within 28 days.

In conclusion, this Müller promotion is offering a really handy sum of cash. Most of all, you get to buy and enjoy the sponsor’s delicious range of shakes! As a reminder, the website address to visit is

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