Drink refreshing Oasis and win generous cash prizes

www.drinkoasis.co.uk – This Oasis promotion is open to all those in England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. To take part, you must be 16 or older and enter but those under 18 need their parent or guardian’s permission. Furthermore, enter between 25/09/17 and 05/11/17. Especially relevant is that during the promotion, there are winning moments with great cash prizes.

Who’s the promoter?

Coca-Cola Great Britain is the promoter and they have their headquarters in London. Their brands have led the company to dominaate the world soft-drinks market during recent times. Two of the drink’s main ingredients are kola nuts and coca leaves, although the full formula is a secret!

How can you enter this drinkoasis.co.uk promotion?

To enter, buy a promotional pack then go to the online website to enter your code. Maybe you’d like to take a look at the official rules to see the list of promotional packs, which include Summer Fruits 500ml bottle, a Kiwi Apple Sour 500ml bottle, for example. Furthermore, on the promotional website, login or create an account with your full details. Also, remain on the promotional page until you see the win or lose message.

Most noteworthy is that there’s a bonus draw on 13/02/18 with a chance to win a prize worth £501.73. During the main promotion, you could win one of 1103 cash prizes such as £661.48, £317.62, £103.29, 56.46. Additionally, there’s a grand prize draw on 06/11/17 to win £1,514.45! Finally, the promoter is paying prizes by Paypal, Bacs or cheque.

Where can you find the code to enter?

The unique 10 digit promotional code is on the reverse of the label of your promotional pack.

In conclusion, enter this promotion by making your qualifying Oasis drink purchase. Then, get your PIN and enter it online at https://www.drinkoasis.co.uk.

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