Tesco Dairylea Fun Days Promotion

www.dairyleafundays.com – Win a terrific leisure voucher when you take part in this Dairylea Fun Days promotion that’s for UK residents. Most noteworthy is that you must be 18 or over to take part. Also, the promotion started on 19th July and runs until 19th September 2017.

Mondelez is sponsoring DairyleaFunDays.com

Mondelez is backing this promotion and their UK Branch is in Uxbridge. The company is so special because they produce iconic brands and are always innovating and looking to grow. Ultimately, they want to make their customers smile!

How to take part

To take part, buy a Dairylea product at any Tesco store or at Tesco online (www.tesco.com). Furthermore, go to the promotion’s website and enter your full name, postcode and email address. Especially relevant is that you must upload a copy of your till receipt with details of the sponsor’s product, Tesco store and date and time of sale. Also, include information about where you made your purchase to find out if you’re a winner! If you’re successful, you’ll go to a different page to register and claim your prize. Alternatively, if you live in Northern Ireland, you can enter without a purchase by writing to the sponsor. Please note your mail-in entry must reach the promoter by 14th September 2017.

Do you need a code to enter?

You don’t need a code to enter but you do need to upload a copy of your receipt on the promotion’s website.

A total of 90 prizes

Most of all, there are 10 exciting prizes a week and 90 in total. The winners will each receive a £100 Leisure Voucher when the sponsor draws selections based on random winning moments. So, if you’re fortunate, you’ll see an on-screen message telling you about your prize. Another important point to note is that you must complete the details on the prize winners’ screen at the time of winning or you’ll forfeit your prize.

Finally, the product behind this promotion is really tasty and could give you the chance to win an active leisure voucher at http://www.dairyleafundays.com.

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