Win a Beautiful Fiat 500 with Cook Italian

Own a brand new Fiat 500 thanks to Cook Italian and its delicious range of authentic Mediterranean ingredients. With every pack of promotional tomatoes – a favourite in many Italian dishes – you can enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning a brand new Fiat 500 POP.

More packs, more chances

The best thing about this competition is that you can enter as many times as you like. Every time you buy a promotional pack of tomatoes, you’ll find a unique code and instructions on how to enter your details for a chance to win. Simply log on and enter your unique code on the Cook Italian website, and you could be driving around in a sleek POP! model to the envy of your neighbours. The more tomatoes you buy, the more entries you can submit and you’ll have a greater chance of winning.

It’s Easy to Win Big with Cook Italian

It couldn’t be easier to enter this incredible competition – simply get online and enter your unique code from the pack of tomatoes. This essential ingredient is a staple in fresh salads, pasta sauces, pizza toppings and soups, so the family fridge is often brimming with this healthy food. Now every time you stock up on tomatoes for delicious Italian recipes, you’re one step closer to winning a brand new car.

The competition to win a Fiat 500 POP is open until 30th October 2016 – so you have plenty of time to enter as many promotional codes as you can. Imagine driving around in the latest POP model, which comes with manual transmission, without having to pay a penny. It’s time to get inspired by mouth watering Italian recipes which use delicious ripe tomatoes. To enter the competition with your promotional code, head to

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