Don’t make any of these simple competition mistakes

In life as well as competitions, there are rules. If you follow the rules, you will, in most cases be successful, and sweepstakes are no different. For newcomers and old hands, there are common mistakes to be avoided. Here are some of the most important.

Read the competition rules

This is a fundamental point, so get used to checking everything. You must read the rules of a sweepstake competition even though they may look daunting. However, after you get used to the ‘jargon,’ it will become easier, especially for similar games. If you consider this for a second, you will discover that it makes common sense. By studying the rules, you will find out if the competition is for you.

Follow the competition rules correctly

If sweepstake sponsors are serious, then so should you be. Do not deviate from the rules or it may end in disqualification. Make sure you are eligible for entry, and if you are not, then move on and get over it. If you don’t make an effort to follow the rules exactly, it is a waste of energy entering the competition. Get used to the right habits, and they will serve you well.

Please don’t be tempted to lie

Honesty pays off in life, and of course in sweepstake competitions. If a sponsor sets guidelines and you don’t fulfil them, find another game where you do. There are some fantastic competitions specifically for people like you out there, and maybe, you should be concentrating on those.

Don’t enter a competition unless you want the prize.

Don’t randomly enter everything, but be selective in your choices. If you don’t want or need the prize, why bother? It is far better to concentrate all of your efforts, on getting something that you want. Does this make sense? Well, make a rule that you will filter out all of those prizes that you will not use. If you follow this, not only will you enjoy the competitions more, your house will be less cluttered too.

Play the long game

Don’t expect to win as soon as you enter but be patient. OK, so it is possible to get lucky every so often, but this will not be the norm. In lots of competitions, it is necessary to wait until the end to claim your prize. The sponsor has a lot of work to do before giving out prizes, including checking eligibility and entry data. Don’t get fazed, just relax and find another game while you wait. If you are a person who is particularly impatient, then there are always instant-win sweepstakes to keep you occupied.

Always be polite and don’t complain

Try and look at it from the sponsor’s point of view. They have set the competition up, and it has cost them time and money. If winners start to complain about their winnings, then they may be ‘shooting themselves in the foot.’ The sweepstake marketing team could decide to look somewhere else to spend their money. Support sweepstake competitions by being polite and patient. If your prize is damaged, then you have a valid complaint, but this is not the case if you are just unhappy with it.

Please check your competition entry before sending it off

If you are into the swing of entering sweepstake competitions, it probably takes only a few seconds to complete a form. Do not get into the routine of completing the form and sending it off without checking. This is a primary issue, and you could find yourself disqualified if you have made a mistake. It could be that you fail to see that you have opted into a ‘free service’ that you don’t want. For example, if you fail to notice that by not un-ticking a box, you get a newsletter every week off the company sponsors.

A sweepstake competition is fun, but it is not a race to see who can enter fastest. Being the first will not give you a bigger chance of winning. When you have finished, count to ten, and then check the fine details. Only then should you hit the submission button.

Log you competition wins

It is so easy not to keep track of all the prizes that you have won. It is important to be precise, not only for tax purposes but your own interest. Make a list, with times and dates. This will help you realise you have not received a prize on time, and you can send the sponsors a reminder. But remember; keep that reminder friendly and not a rant.

Don’t give up on a competition.

You have to be positive, persistent, and patient. There are times in the life of a sweepstake gamer when the wins don’t come, however at other times they don’t stop. Enjoy the fun and enjoy the prizes, and keep optimistic. Above everything else, stay motivated.

Have fun while you play

This is a hobby that many people enjoy. Keep the fun real and dream about the prizes. In conclusion, just have fun and don’t take anything too seriously. Good luck and good gaming.


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