Diet Coke Q3 Win £5,000 Every Day – If you’re in Great Britain, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, you can enter this Diet Coke promotion and win a valuable prize! Most noteworthy is that you must be 18 or older. Also, the promotion runs daily from 11/09/17 to 22/10/17.

Who’s the sponsor at

The sponsor is Coca-Cola and not many people know that, initially, this carbonated soft drink was intended to be a medicine! John Pemberton invented the drink, which soon became a worldwide favourite!

How to win 5000 every day

To enter the daily prize draws, make a qualifying purchase and look for the promotional code. Qualifying products include Diet Coke in cans, bottles, and multipacks, including no caffeine varieties. Once you have your PIN, visit the promotional website and login or create your account then log in. Furthermore, provide your full name, date of birth, gender, your country, and your email address. Then, enter your code.

Where can you find a code?

You’ll find your unique 8-digit promotional PIN on or within promotional packs of your qualifying products. Therefore, look for these under the ring pulls on single cans, under the caps on bottles, on promotional inserts for multipacks, or on the reverse side of the outer for 10, 12, 18, and 24 multipacks containing 330ml products.

A total of 42 prizes

Most of all, the sponsor is awarding a total of 42 prizes throughout the promotional period. Maybe you’ll be excited to know there’s also a bonus draw with a £5,000 prize? This is for all the eligible entries between 23/10/17 and 30/11/17. In the main draw, each prize is a Mastercard with £5,000 to spend. You can use this in a store as well as online with all retailers who accept Mastercard. The promoter is selecting winners every relevant morning from all entries that they receive the previous day.

In conclusion, there’s the opportunity to win 5000 Every Day in this exciting contest. Therefore, make your qualifying purchase and go to to enter.

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