Win tickets to the Carabao Cup and more – Enter this football-themed instant win promotion if you’re in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland and are aged 18 or over. Additionally, you can enter between 01.07.17 and 14.02.18.

About the promoter

Intercarabao Limited is the promoter producing the energy drink at the centre of this promotion. Furthermore, this is one of the biggest brands in Thailand. The company’s philosophy is that everyone can reach their goals by adopting the fighting spirit of their drink! Finally, the company’s UK base is in Reading.

How to enter at

To enter, you need to buy a promotional can of Carabao Energy drink and go to the promotion’s website. You’ll see a unique code on your can and enter this online to find out if you’ve won! Additionally, if you’re a winner, complete the online form and include your full name, email, phone number, and home address. Also, select the game you’d like tickets for. Most noteworthy is that you can enter multiple times with a unique PIN for each entry.

Where’s the unique code?

You’ll find your unique code inside the ring pull on your can. Enter the magic numbers online to see if you’re a winner!.

About the 4472 prizes

Especially relevant is that there are 4472 winning moments during the promotion and the promoter will select random winners for prizes at these times. Most of all, the prizes include 1280 sets of tickets to the Carabao Cup 2017/18 Games. Also, the promoter is awarding 800 prizes for £10 in cash payable to the winners’ bank account. Finally, there are 2392 branded mini footballs to win! Maybe you’ll be interested in the bonus draw between 15th February and 14th March 2018? Just enter your PIN and complete the entry online for a bonus draw. The prize is a signed Final Match Ball!

In conclusion, make your qualifying purchase, note your PIN and enter online! The prizes are every 90 minutes during the promotion and great for football fans. So, enter now at

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