Bodyform Pink Ticket Promotion with Golden Moments – UK residents (excluding Northern Ireland) have the chance to enter this exclusive BodyForm promotion. Furthermore, you must be 16 or over to enter and, if you’re under 18, your parent or guardian must give their permission. Finally, the promotion runs from 03.01.2017 to 31.07.2017. So, you have a good few months to enter.

Adventure prizes to great destinations

The prizes are a superb range of trips to foreign countries. There are 10 prizes and you could be going to Thailand to trek in the jungle or India to tour the Golden Triangle. Maybe you’d like a New York Food Adventure or hitting the surf in Sydney? Other places you could go to include Auckland, Croatia, Bali, Yellowstone National Park, Iceland, or South African. Most noteworthy is that all prizes include return flights to your destination, hotel accommodation, and other treats. Also, there’s spending money for each trip!

Buy a promotional pack to enter

First of all, to enter you must buy a promotional pack of Bodyform. Therefore, check the official rules for a list of these products. The sponsor is randomly inserting 10 winning Pink Tickets in the promotional packs. If you find a Pink Ticket, you can choose which destination you’d like to travel to! Especially relevant is that inside each promotional pack is a £10 off voucher code for a Golden Moments experience. Therefore, go to to redeem your voucher!

The sponsor at

SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd is the sponsor. The company originates from Sweden and produces personal care products. The company’s main market is in Europe. SCA owns a huge amount of forest land, which they need to produce the paper they use to make their products.

What code do you need to find inside your promotional pack?

Inside each promotional product is a code. This is to claim your £10 voucher towards a Golden Moments experience. Also, if you’re lucky, you may find one of the 10 winning tickets to claim a grand prize!

In conclusion, you can’t fail to win when you buy a promotional product! Even if you don’t win a major prize, every pack gives you the chance to go on an exciting adventure. To take part, make your qualifying purchase and go to

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