A Thousand cool Prizes, including a Family Safari a Pair of Binoculars

www.barnyrangers.co.uk – From 5 June to 27th August 2017, you can enter this Barny Rangers promotion if you’re in the UK and aged 18 or over. Most noteworthy is that you need to make a purchase unless you’re in Northern Ireland. Finally, there’s a main prize draw and weekly prize draws in this promotion.

Who is the promoter at Barnyrangers.co.uk?

The promoter is Mondelez Europe Services and this company has an annual revenue of around $30 billion, operating in roughly 165 international countries. Mondelez dates back to 1923 when Thomas H. McInnerney founded the original company.

Get your PIN to enter

To enter the main prize draw and the weekly prize draws, you need to buy a promotional Barny pack and look for the 10-digit code on the inside. If you’re in Northern Ireland, you simply need to write to the promoter to get a free entry. Then, go to the contest’s website and register. Especially relevant is that promotional products are Barny ABC Bears 25g x 6 and Barny 30g x 5. Maybe you’ll be interested to know there’s also a mop-up draw for late entries?

Cool prizes and an amazing family safari prize

The weekly prize winners will win either a pair of binoculars or a discovery diary and there will be 1000 of these in total. Most of all, the main prize is a trip for 4 to Jock Safari Lodge in Kruger National Park. The prize includes your transport, 5 nights’ accommodation and entry to the national park. Furthermore, there are some excellent children’s activities. Finally, the prize for the mop-up draw will be a hamper of the sponsor’s products!

Where can you find the codes to enter both draws?

When you make your qualifying purchase to enter this Barny Rangers promotion, you need to look for the 10-digit unique code on the packaging. Then, enter this online.

In conclusion, you could win a totally unique family safari or other cool prizes in this promotion! Just follow the entry instructions and go to https://www.barnyrangers.co.uk.

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